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Welcome to Low Cost Towing, your premier destination for affordable and professional collision towing services in Surrey, BC. Established in 2004, we specialize in providing low-cost towing solutions, ensuring you have a reliable partner when you need towing near you after a collision. 

Our experienced team utilizes state-of-the-art tow trucks to deliver prompt and efficient collision towing services, prioritizing your safety and peace of mind. As a trusted name in towing services in Surrey, we pride ourselves on being the go-to choice for those seeking not only cost-effective solutions but also expert assistance during challenging times on the road. 

Explore our comprehensive range of towing services, and discover why Low Cost Towing is synonymous with top-notch collision towing in Surrey.


What to Do After a Collision: A Simplified Guide

1. Prioritize Safety

Move to a safe spot, turn on hazard lights, and check for injuries. Dial 911 if needed.

2. Exchange Information

Swap names, phone numbers, and insurance details. Confirm identities with driver's licenses and note down license plates.

3. File an Accident Report
for Significant Damages

If damages exceed $1000, file an accident report for an official record.

4. Document the Scene

Take quick pictures of damages, license plates, and the overall scene.

5. Quick Police Reporting

Opt for a towing truck directly to a reporting center for a faster alternative.

6. Seek Medical Assistance

Get immediate medical attention for any injuries, no matter how minor.

7. Notify Your Insurance Company

Inform your insurance company promptly and follow their guidance.

8. Efficient Collision Towing

Contact Low Cost Towing for swift and careful towing services.

Follow these brief steps for a smoother post-collision process. At Low Cost Towing, we’re here to ensure not only expert collision towing but also support during challenging times on the road. Your safety is our top priority.

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